We support people with disabilities to live a full and meaningful life

Greeley Center for Independence

Established in 1977 as an all-volunteer patient advocacy team, Greeley Center for Independence is a multifaceted non-profit organization dedicated to the health and welfare of people with a variety of disabilities. We provide affordable, accessible housing; home health services; a Supportive Living Program for adults with brain injury; an Adult Day Program; a Therapy Center and wellness programs.

Our Vision: People with disabilities leading connected, interdependent lives.

Our Mission: We serve people with disabilities by providing services tailored to meet individual needs.

Our founder, Hope Cassidy, realized early on that anyone with a disability who wishes to participate in the life of the community needs affordable and accessible housing. With the support of the board of directors we leveraged a variety of community partnerships, and today provide 64 apartments at three locations in Greeley, Colorado.


Support Services

Support services are the key to people with disabilities being successful in community living arrangements—therefore we provide customized services in each of our three apartment complexes. We are a licensed home health agency, and provide home health care to residents of Camelot and Hope Apartments. Stephens Brain Injury campus residents are provided with a more comprehensive set of services under the Supportive Living model of the Brain Injury waiver.


Exceptional Residential Care

Camelot Apartments

Camelot Apartments features 17 accessible studio, one or two bedroom apartments, many of which are HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) subsidized. The complex is located adjacent to the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado. Learn more


Hope Apartments

This outstanding apartment community is designed for low income, mild to moderately disabled individuals who require some supportive services but do not need 24/7 access to staff. Support services are provided by our Home Health staff, including nurses, home health aides and personal care workers. Learn more


Stephens Brain Injury Campus

Recognizing a need for specialized services for survivors of brain injury, we were one of the first four agencies in Colorado to offer a Supportive Living Program for this population. 18 single occupancy apartments are available, 10 of which are dedicated to people who are either homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Learn more



Specialized Services and Programs

Home Health Services

Our medical and non-medical services enable clients to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes. Our professional staff are dedicated to providing compassionate and exceptionally reliable care. We recognize that each person has unique support needs—no two clients are alike—we deliver a customized set of services that meets each individual’s needs. Learn more


Adult Day Program

Our fully-certified Day Program for adult survivors of brain injury and other disabilities offers specialized services, that allow participants to work on cognitive, physical and behavioral goals. The specialized curriculum has great therapeutic value and fosters a sense of community. A variety of activities are offered to engage clients including exercise, creative arts, outings, computer technologies, Pop Culture studies, active and table games, volunteering and much more. Learn more


Hope Therapy Center

Our Therapy Center staff help patients reduce pain, improve physical function and maximize their physical well-being. Whether recovering from surgery, working through an injury, or participating in extreme athletic pursuits, our extensive services help individuals realize their potential. We offer both physical therapy and occupational therapy, with the unique offering of aquatic therapy in our warm water pool. Learn more


Hope Wellness Gym and Warm Water Pool

Our growing wellness program includes the largest warm water pool in northern Colorado. Individuals of all ages can participate a variety of classes and lessons or simply enjoy the benefits of our warm water pool. Unlike many large fitness clubs and gyms, our Wellness gym offers a comfortable environment to continue or return to fitness. In 2015 we expanded our Wellness gym, as well as expanding our wellness offerings to include nutrition counseling and therapeutic massage. Learn more


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