Outstanding, engaging activities and services for adults with brain injury

Our fully-certified Day Program is for adult survivors of brain injury and other disabilities. The program offers specialized services that allow participants to work on cognitive, physical and behavioral goals. The specialized curriculum has great therapeutic value and fosters a sense of community. A variety of activities are offered to engage clients including exercise, creative arts, outings, computer technologies, Pop Culture studies, active and table games, volunteering and much more.

The program operates five days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with full or part-time participation. Services are provided in the Homestead building located at 2778 Reservoir Road in Greeley. Transportation to and from the program is offered to local clients. While many residents of our three apartment complexes attend the day program, it is also open to the community at large.

We accept private pay and Medicaid Home and Community Based Services waivers.
Download our Day Program Inquiry Packet below.


Specialized Curriculum

The structure of the day consists of different group activities. Clients have the option to select which groups they would prefer in a structured setting.


Physical activity provides a variety of benefits for participants. Exercise includes: stretching, walking, yoga and resistance. Participants work on balance, coordination, endurance and strength.

Creative Arts

Participants may enjoy activities such as music, drama, karaoke, crafts, dance, painting, clay and more.


Typically outings occur multiple times each week. Outings may include eating out, visits to the public library, bowling, billiards, shopping, picnics, fishing, swimming, and other special community events as they are made available.

Computer Technology

Clients may enjoy and do benefit from numerous computerized and online brain activity games. Additionally we provide individual and group classes for participants.

Pop Culture Studies

We offer numerous Pop Culture group activities including comedy, US states, current events, biographies, Nintendo Wii™, stress management, journaling, newsletter, cooking, Kings and Queens, Anatomy, Wild Kingdom, Mythbusters, and random acts of kindness.

Active and Table Games

Participants are offered games that work on socialization, following directions, interacting with peers, cognition, balance and coordination.


We provide volunteer opportunities in individual and group settings. Volunteer activities may consist of food bank, ARC, yard work with the city, clerical work, wrapping gifts for children, working with the activity directors at Senior Centers, and involvement with Habitat for Humanity.


Adult Day Program Inquiry Packet and Application

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If you have questions or need assistance contact Adelita Romero, Day Program Coordinator at 970/330-2621 or use our online contact form.