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August 2017#in the news, #making a difference. #GCI Family

Kiera Trinder, who works as a Personal Care Provider at Stephens Farm was nominated by Dr. Sarita Reddy and chosen by the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council as the winner of their 2017 Community Inclusion award. Every July the Council hosts the Dan B. Davidson awards banquet and recognizes individuals and organizations that have demonstrated visionary practices and provided exemplary supports for people with disabilities that lead to their inclusion as active and valued members of their communities. This, in part, is what Dr. Reddy said in her nomination:

"Kiera is deeply committed to assisting people she works with to live the lives they choose. She spends the time to get to know them and figure out where her interests and connections might intersect with what is important to them.

Kiera seems to instinctively understand that the people we serve are people first! She has chosen to spend time with Joey R outside her work hours because they have a unique connection and she appreciates the opportunity to hang out as friends. The two of them often spend time together on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado, where Kiera is a student, where she encourages him to connect with other students that they run into. One of those students, Calvin, is now a part of Joey's circle. Calvin shares Joey's interest in writing and helped Joey publish a book of short stories. The two have enjoyed getting to know each other and discover other mutual interests.

Kiera and Joey have opened up whole new worlds for each other and forged a tight bond of friendship in the process. We are incredibly fortunate to have both of them as part of our GCI family!"

Calvin, Joey and GCI's Engagement Manager, Rebecca Starke, were all on hand to cheer Kiera on as she received her award on July 26, 2017 in Denver. As Marcia Tewell, Executive Director of CDDC said so eloquently, "THIS is what it takes to make inclusion a reality"! Inclusion is intentional, and we at GCI are committed to it!

Side note: In 2015, GCI began to transition from a medical model of support to a person-centered model of support. GCI decided to invest in "Engagement" both in terms of how we do our day-to-day work (listening deeply to the people we serve and letting them guide how we do what we do) as well as with the larger community (actively seeking out people, places and things to do that make space for the people we serve to contribute their own gifts and talents and increase opportunities for friendships/connections outside the circle of paid staff or volunteers). Our team understands that this work can only happen one person at a time, and that it is a process that continues and evolves over the course of a person's life. Learn more about GCI's mission and vision.

Chuck and Adelita—An enduring connection

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June 2017#GCI Family, #Engagement #Making a Difference

Chuck and Adelita are valued members of our GCI community. Chuck has lived at Hope Apartments for 18 years and receives various support services that evolve to fit the needs he has at any given time. GCI's goals remain the same—to support him to live as independently as possible, maintain his health, and establish connections in the larger community. Adelita, Director of GCI's Adult Day Program, has worked at GCI since 1990.

In 1998, Chuck was living in Denver and was extremely depressed. He and his doctor were looking for a place where he could be supported to live on his own and have the freedom and space to paint. They both thought GCI could provide the support he needed. When Chuck moved to Greeley, Adelita began the process of getting to know him (she says she can tell what kind of day he is having by simply looking in his eyes; she has learned that when his apartment is in chaos, his brain is in chaos). Now, she says, she can figure out what he needs by listening to him – "…he always has the answers, I just have to listen."

Chuck has been able to pursue his passion for painting. He has had several art shows throughout the region. With GCI's help, Chuck established a connection with the local community of artists and formed an affiliation with the Showcase Art Center.

Over the years Chuck and his family have come to think of Adelita as a trusted confidant and advisor. He attends Day Program and talks to Adelita every day about life, family, relationships and art! Chuck feels she understands him and trusts her to guide him with decisions.

Chuck says "Life feels pretty good—things are stable". He's right—although his needs will continue to change over time, GCI will work with Chuck and his family to ensure things are stable. Adelita will be right there with him. Learn more about GCI's Adult Day Program.

hope next

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MAY 2017GCI Staff#GCI Services #Making a Difference

This Spring, Kristin Mather, Hope Wellness Gym Coordinator and Laura Dailey, Hope Therapy Clinic Administrator created HopeNEXT, a new program designed for therapy patients being discharged from therapy treatments and care.

Most therapy patients are provided with a home exercise program once they complete therapy. However, studies have shown that a significant number of patients do not continue the program on their own for a variety of reasons such as fear of re-injury, being unsure of proper technique, emotional stress, lack of interest and motivation.

HopeNEXT provides individuals with a safe, comfortable and supervised environment to build on the success they have had during physical or occupational therapy in our unique Wellness Gym and Warm Water Pool setting. The program features a fully customizable exercise program to adapt to individual needs to help improve overall well being. Read more about HopeNEXT.