Physical Therapy

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We help patients achieve their goals in restoring a full and active life. We help patients reduce pain, improve physical function and maximize their physical well-being. Whether recovering from surgery, working through an injury, or participating in extreme athletic pursuits, our extensive services help individuals realize their potential. We offer both Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

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At Hope Therapy Center patients receive a comprehensive evaluation of posture, strength, range of motion and a functional biomechanical analysis of the involved region by one of our physical therapists. In order to best address patient needs, therapists collaborate with patients to develop a specific treatment program that addresses the impairments to normal movement. Treatment may include: joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, general manual techniques, Aqua Therapy, postural re-education, traction, therapeutic exercise, modalities, use of advanced fitness equipment, preventive injury education, and intervention.

We are Medicare Certified and accept most insurances.

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Did you know... Patients can seek Physical and Occupational Therapy from any provider, regardless of doctor recommendation.






Information about Modalities and Treatment

We are pleased to provide information on the following modalities and treatments: Aquatic Therapy, Back and Neck Pain, Fall Prevention, Headaches, Lymphedema, Orthopedic Therapy, Osteoporosis, and Vestibular Disorders.



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