How Can Physical Therapy Help Osteoporosis?

With the number of osteoporosis cases in the country reaching epidemic levels as reported by the United States Surgeon General's office, physical therapists were cited as key contributors in battling the condition. For those diagnosed with osteoporosis or at risk of developing it, physical therapy is one of the best ways to fight this disease.

The goals of physical therapy in treating osteoporosis are to restore mobility, function, and strength to enhance the safety and security of your functioning in everyday life. Physical therapy can help reduce pain, create a safe environment for healing if a fracture is present, and decrease the risk of fractures by working to improve your balance, posture and strength. Physical therapy can also help reduce of the risk of possible falls.



One of our highly-trained physical therapists will start by taking a medical history and performing a thorough evaluation. Problems with range of motion, balance, posture, strength and endurance, and body mechanics may be identified during these tests. After the evaluation a comprehensive plan for treatment, which includes exercise, is developed.



Exercise is fundamental to osteoporosis treatment, whether you are recovering from a fracture or trying to prevent one.

If you have an existing fracture, physical therapy involves specific exercises and other pain relieving treatment modalities or manual techniques. Instruction in performing basic everyday activities will be provided in order to reduce the risk of fractures in the future.

Physical therapy for osteoporosis patients without a fracture includes strengthening exercises and resistance exercises to increase bone mass and make the muscles supporting bone stronger to help prevent fractures.

Your physical therapist will teach you about body mechanics, balance, and posture. A home exercise program designed at improving your posture and enhancing your sense of balance will be provided for you with no special equipment required.


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